David Gerstein

David Gerstein was born in Jerusalem, in 1944.   He studied and taught at the Bezalel Academy of arts in Jerusalem; Beaux Arts, Paris; Art Students' League, N.Y; St. Martin's, London.    He has exhibited in one-man shows at the Israel Museum, Haifa Museum and Herziliya Museum, as we;; as countless public and private galleries in Israel, Europe and America. 

His art is permemently  Installed in cities and museums such as the Israel Museum, the Tefen Open Museum, The Science Museum in Jerusalem; the cities of Jerusalem, Ramat Hasharon, Lod, Herziliyya and Ancient Avdat; the Jerusalem Theater, The National Israeli  Electric Company, Bank Leumi and others.

His works have been given by Israel's Foreign Ministry to heads of state around the world.

* The signature on the pieces sold here is printed - If you are interested in a limited edition, hand painted, autographed, or large scale work by David Gerstein, please contact us for more information.