Hanukkah Menorah and Shabbat Candlesticks - Pomegranate Design


A Hannukia and Shabbat Candlesticks all-in-one. Beautiful candlesticks with a gorgeous pomegranate design.   This spectacular Hanukkah Menorah and Shabbat candlesticks (in one!) is a convenient and beautiful item for Hanukkah and Shabbat ceremonies in your Jewish home and when you are away. The menorah opens up for Hanukkah, and for the rest of the year closes to hold your Shabbat candles. The design features the ancient vistas of the holy city of Jerusalem and the Western Wall. 

The piece is hand-painted and then covered with three layers of lacquer. It is totally functional and waterproof and may be hand-washed. It also contains brass candle inserts to protect the wood from the candle wax.

This fabulous Hanukkah Menorah is the perfect gift for Hannukah, a new home, Bat Mitzvah, or any other simcha.

*** Among the staff in Yair Emanuel's Jerusalem studio are new immigrants and mentally disabled employees. A portion of the studio's profits is donated to charity.

Our Price: $ 45.90

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