Nano Bible Jewelry Jewish Scripture

The spirit and technology of Israel come together to produce the world's smallest bible by using cutting-edge Nano Technology, the entire Old or New Testament is printed onto one  minute silicon wafer measuring just 5mm x 5mm.   It can only be read with a special electron microscope found in special laboratories that magnifies x1000. 

So that you can carry the word of God with you wherever you go, the The Jerusalem Nano Bible has been  mounted onto precious metals to make jewelry such as pendants, watches, bracelets and lockets, making for a truly unique keepsake for special life moments and religious milestones.  

In 2015 Jerusalem Nano Bible received a nomination by The Guinness Book of World Records for ‘the smallest bible in the world.   In order to understand more about the product and the technology please watch this video:


The Old Testament (Tanakh) version of the Nano Bible includes all 24 books written in Ancient Hebrew.  It contains the most important Holy Scriptures of Judaism known as the Tanakh or Mikra and is the canon of the Hebrew Bible. Tanakh is an acronym of the first Hebrew letter of each of the Masoretic Text’s three traditional subdivisions: Torah – “Teaching”, also known as the 5 Books of Moses, Nevi’im -“Prophets” and Ketuvim – “Writings” = TaNaKh.