Wooden Seder Plate by Yair Emanuel - Biblical Figures Design


This elegant seder plate is a wonderful way to bring more color to your Pesach table. The plate itself is made of a round piece of hand painted wood depicting Hebrew inscriptions of the symbolic dishes on the Seder plate, and is decorated with illustrations of figures from biblical scenes.

The plate comes with six small bowls to hold the different ingredients for the seder, and they too are decorated with the same motif.

It is made from wood and hand painted with a brush with acrylic paint. Several layers of lacquer are then applied to ensure that the color is retained and the product is not damaged even when washed (not in dishwasher).

This is your perfect gift for Passover, weddings and the new home. It is made in the Yair Emanuel studio of Judaic art in Jerusalem.

Size: 12.6" X 2"

*** Among the staff in Yair Emanuel's Jerusalem studio are new immigrants and mentally disabled employees. A portion of the studio's profits is donated to charity.

Our Price: $ 134.90   $ 134.90 (ex. VAT)

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